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Charitable Status




About Us


One of the country’s oldest established brass bands, WMWB has been entertaining the community for at least 187 years.  The earliest record dates back to 16th August 1832 when the band provided entertainment to celebrate the lighting up of Worksop  by gas lamps.


The focus now is on entertainment, with the band supporting a wide range of local fetes, galas and civic engagements as well as supporting fund raising events for other local charities.    Performances further afield include Peasholm Park in Scarborough, the Freeport Outlet Centre at Castleford and the opening of the new B&Q headquarters in Southampton.


The band supports novice players of all ages through its teaching sessions on Monday evenings, providing a steady flow of players for the senior band.      The Monday session is from 7.00pm to 7.30pm at Worksop Miners Welfare on Gateford Road.   The Senior Band meets on Wednesday from 7.30 – 9.00pm. *Please note that our Monday evening training sessions are not currently running*


The band became a Registered Charity in 1998, and attracts a loyal membership and following. The demand is such that engagements are accepted well in advance, with a growing number of annual events.


For further information please contact the Band via our contact page


Jane Carlisle, Musical Director


Our Musical Director picked up the baton to lead the band in 2003.     Having joined the band to play the trombone, Jane ‘volunteered’ to become MD following the tragic loss of John Flatman in April of that year.


In her ‘other life’ Jane is a primary school teacher, mother of three, and music co-ordinator, who specialised in music at Teacher Training College, gaining her B.Ed at Nene College, Northampton.      Her musical career began at the age of six playing the recorder and continuing through junior school.  


In secondary school, Jane took up the oboe becoming a member of the school orchestra and choir.    Jane toured Germany on two occasions, having joined the Chantry Concert Band and Young Sinfonia Orchestra.   


Later, Jane became principal oboe with Rotherham Youth Orchestra playing under the direction of Douglas Coombes, and taking part in Music for Youth at the Royal Festival Hall, under the baton of Sir Simon






                        Jane Carlisle


Charitable Status


The Charity Commission approved the Governing Document and Constitution in 1998.      The members of the Executive Committee are the Charity Trustees, there being provision for twelve members.      

The Chairman of the Executive Committee is therefore Chairman of the Trustees.     All Trustees are elected annually at the AGM.

The Secretary is the named correspondent with the Charity Commission.


The objects of the Charity are as follows:


“to promote, improve, develop and maintain public education in and appreciation of the art and science of brass band music in all aspects by the presentation of public concerts and recitals and by such other ways as the band through its executive committee shall from time to time determine”


The Executive Committee meets approximately once every three months or more frequently as the need arises, to review, training, engagements, spending priorities, recruitment and any other issues requiring consideration.


The Annual General Meeting is held during April or May each year, with the benefit of an Annual Report prepared by the Secretary and Treasurer.


Members pay a modest annual subscription, geared to making membership accessible to the financially challenged.


The Executive Committee comprises the following:





Musical Director

Deputy Musical Director


Assistant Librarian

Publicity Officer

Training officer

+ three other members



Our Aim

Our intention is to provide the opportunity for novice players to benefit from coaching and ensemble practice, in order to develop the skills required to make a positive contribution to the senior band.

It has to be stressed that this is not, and should not be seen as the only practice opportunity.     It is supplementary to the training and practice done elsewhere, without which little progress can be achieved.

What we do is supplementary to private or peripatetic tuition, and is intended to reinforce that tuition and provide additional support.


What the Band can do

The band will provide a serviceable instrument, music stand and music.     Tutor books and written exercises are also available.

Provision of ensemble practise, acquiring the necessary discipline, listening skills and co-ordination.    Learning by observation, seeing what other musicians are doing and what other instruments sound like.

Guidance from experienced players may be available in small groups, or as an ensemble.



What the student can do

From the student we need commitment, keeping us informed about their progress so that we can provide targeted support.

Instruments are expensive and we ask all members to take good care of them, reporting to us any faults as soon as they occur.

There is no substitute for regular practice and professional tuition elsewhere.    In this connection we would encourage students to study for their Music Grades.


Before accepting players into the senior band and to play along in concerts the Musical Director needs to be assured that the individual is at a reasonable standard, where he/she will not be overawed or upset by not being able to cope.

It is also important that the standard of the senior band is preserved.

The placing of players within the senior band is at the total discretion of the Musical Director, following advice from other senior band members involved in training.


After an initial one to one training period on Monday evenings, to ensure earliest possible progression into the main band we request that students treat the Wednesday night rehearsal as their main priority. If desired Monday nights are also available for ongoing training.


Training Environment

The band does not tolerate racism, sexism or any inappropriate language or behaviour at any time.    We aim to provide an atmosphere where young people can enjoy making music in a safe and pleasant environment.


Band Practices – take place at:

Worksop Miners Welfare, Gateford Road, Worksop,

Nottinghamshire.  S80 1EB      01909 472317

Band rehearsal times.



For initial 1 to 1 tuition and ongoing small ensemble practice.

Novice players– 7.00pm – 7.30pm

(Every Monday except during school holidays)

Ensemble practice alongside senior members– 7.30pm – 9.00pm



Novice players 6:45-7:15

Senior Band main rehearsal – 7.30pm – 9.00pm


On either evening, students can decide to stay for any duration up to the end of the rehearsal depending on the level of competence, age and lip stamina, or just to listen. Children to be accompanied at all times.


Please use the contact form or our Facebook page and we will get in touch as soon as possible.


If you are looking to join a friendly non-contesting band then please contact us via the contact form or our Facebook page and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

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